Front Range Data Management Services, Inc.

Front Range Data Management Services, Inc.

Software solutions, training, and application development using Microsoft technology


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Front Range Data Management Services provides solutions and advanced training in Microsoft products, primarily leveraging the power Access, Excel, and SQL Server. We are local to the Denver area, and accept long distance assignments as well. By working in Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel, we provide programming solutions that save time, increase access to useful data, and automate processes.

Services we offer:
  • Custom Excel systems, including Excel systems that extract data from enterprise systems.
  • Custom Excel programming; macros from the basic macro to full database applications.
  • Expertise in working with Excel (and other applications) in international environments.
  • Custom training in Visual Basic for Applications, the Microsoft Office suite macro language.
  • Custom programming in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and .net technologies, both Windows client and browser based.
  • SQL Server expertise, including installing the server, defining and building databases, migrating databases, and custom reporting.
  • Systems Integration, or making systems talk to each other. Custom systems to prepare imports into Enterprise systems.

Some of the solutions we have developed:

Work order system A Visual Basic/SQL Server solution for internal use, with a planned web application for customer use with recurring work orders.
Factory Production Scheduilng System A Visual Basic/SQL Server solution for a large multi-national corporation that shows a production schedule and on call support personnel contact information.
Custom Data Reporting Solution A system that uses Visual Basic to generate reports from ASI Datamite, a software package designed for manufacturing environments using Six Sigma.

Each of these solutions met the customer's need, and were cheaper than one would expect. Put the power of our database expertise to work for you. We offer free estimates, and we discuss the anticipated cost of developing custom solutions here
. It should also be pointed out that a lot of our B-school professors preached against custom programming, saying programming projects never come in on budget, and they turn into years-long projects where time and money are continually dumped into the systems. We don't agree, and we have a track record to prove it. See our discussion of the merits of custom programming here.

Contact FRDMS for solutions to your data needs! Call us at (303) 403-0386 or Send us an e-mail at our Denver office for help with custom programming, Excel, Access, and SQL Server needs. .

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