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When Microsoft first released Access, the database world was revolutionized. Certainly, there were other factors that made Access a success, but the form designer and form wizard were revolutions in the database world. Ordinary computer users could now develop a database form with just a little training. Not only was the database much easier than the competitors of the day, it was fully suitable for more advanced users to create full applications in Access.

Access has two methods to create a form, either by the form wizard or by going to form design. The wizard creates a basic form, which you can them modify. To create a Customer form using the form wizard, first click on the Customers table, then choose the Create tab on the ribbon, and choose Form Wizard.

Access form wizard step 1

The desired table or query can be changed in the combo box at the top of the form if necessary. To include all fields on the form, choose the two right arrows button Two right arrows button , then choose Next.

Step two of the form wizard allows for the selection of various types of forms. The basic form most useful for general data entry forms is the Columnar form:

Select form type

After selecting the desired form type, choose Next. The last step of the form wizard offers to open the form in design view to futher modify it, or to open the form for data entry:

Final step of the form wizard

Choosing Finish will present the newly created form:

Finished customers form

This is a very basic Access form. Forms can be made much more useful by adding more advanced controls, such as command buttons for lookup forms and combo boxes:

Example of more advanced form

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