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Front Range Data Management Services works extensively with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to develop or maintain systems in Microsoft Access. VBA is a full programming language for Access and the other applications in the Microsoft Office suite. Most (but not all) of what can be done with Windows programming can be done in the VBA environment, making Access a very powerful tool for building applications.

While we typically build applications in the full Visual Basic programming language, development in Access is compelling for a few reasons. First, forms and reports already exist, and update the underlying tables without any code at all. Second, the Access report writer is easier to use than any other tool, including the big names like Crystal Reports. Third, responding to the proper events on forms and reports enables users to fully automate a database system without writing a lot of code.

The downsides of programming in Access are that security is more difficult than in Visual Basic, and we are pretty nerdy in wanting our forms and reports to look exactly as we'd like; Access doesn't give us the flexibility we'd like for programming. Nonetheless, we frequently use Access to prototype applications, and for this, Microsoft Access is one of the best tools in our arsenal.

We work with Access applications, provided you have the source code. One of the advantages of Access is that, unless the developer made the Access project into an .MDE project, you have the source code. We are accomplished Access developers, and would be happy to look at your application to resolve problems or design enhancements.

Coming soon! A Visual Basic for Applicaitons programming primer!

For help with Microsoft Access, whether general help is needed or more specific help with VBA, call (303) 403-0386 or send your Access module question to us.

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