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As a database platform, Microsoft Access has ruled the desktop for nearly two decades. While it has certainly had some pitfalls along the way (Access 95, anyone?), it has been and continues to be a valuable asset for businesses large and small.

Since version 2.0, Access has provided a range of capabilities, from basic database capability for intermediate level computer users to a powerful application platform for developers. For beginning Access users, basic database concepts are helpful.

Access databases contain several basic types of objects. They are Tables, Relationships, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, and Modules. Access has also added some web-enabled objects to the collection, they are not discussed here. Choose one of these links to see some thoughts on the Access objects.

We have built numerous systems in Microsoft Access, whether free standing systems or where an Access database was used as a front end (the user interface) for a SQL Server database. Some examples are:

  • An order taking/processing system for a Florida music store.
  • A payroll processing system for a fire department.
  • An asset tracking system for a copier company.
  • A system to process payroll registers for importing into Macola accounting for a Denver company.

Many of these systems have been multi-user (we should note that Microsoft generally does not recommend using Microsoft Access in a multi-user mode, but there are many systems that successfully do so). Our expertise ranges from basic database functions that perform single user tabulations and processing to multi-form, multi-user solutions.

For help with Microsoft Access, whether to develop or help you fix a database run amok, system development, or custom training to leverage the power of Microsoft Access, call (303) 403-0386 or E-mail us.

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