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Microsoft Excel is, obviously, a very powerful tool for mathematical, statistical, financial, or any other challenge dealing with numbers. Did you know Excel also has extensive database capabilities? While it certainly isn't as powerful as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server, Excel can be used to develop suprisingly robust database needs. Even without any automation (macros), Excel contains powerful filtering, sorting, charting, and pivot table tools. When you consider the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro language, Excel can be use in a wide variety of applications. We are experts at building spreadsheets with the formulas and functions built into Excel, as well as automating Excel with VBA.

Services we offer using Microsoft Excel:
  • Custom spreadsheet creation. You have done the easy ones, we'll help you make Excel come alive with advanced functions and macros.
  • Custom training in Excel. We can build an Excel training class to fit your exact needs.
  • Writing macros (programming) to make repetitive tasks easy.
  • Analysis of data. Excel is a very powerful tool to extract data from enterprise systems, such as ERP, HRIS, and CRM systems, and make custom dashboards or reports.
  • Custom training in the Excel macro language, Visual Basic for Applications.

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We also answer questions about Microsoft Excel. For simple questions, the answer is free, and we'll post interesting topics here. For more complex questions, we will provide a quote for a solution. E-mail us with your Excel questions!

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