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Front Range Data Management Services builds many solutions that rely on SQL Server. We install SQL Server, tune it to work optimally with your business, build and administer databases, and ensure that SQL Server is properly backing up your data.

SQL Server is Microsoft's powerful relational database management system. Most businesses that have any type of "enterprise" system, whether accounting, customer relationship management, document imaging, records management, or enterprise resource planning systems, have a SQL Server running the system. We specialize in both retrieving data from enterprise systems and building custom systems using SQL Server to store data (see our page on Visual Basic programming here or our page on Microsoft Access here).

Another area of expertise we have is importing or exporting SQL Server data. While the SQL Server Integration Services have become more powerful and easier to use, they are still primarily database administrator tools. We can either help you use these tools successfully, or use other tools to insert data into a system or retrieve data from a SQL Server database.

We will be glad to help you with your SQL Server needs, and we'll explain to you what we're talking about in plain English. We can build servers, move databases, and upgrade the server to the latest version. We can also help you with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

We provide SQL Server expertise from our Denver office, and would be happy to answer SQL Server questions from anywhere. Call us at (303) 403-0386, or send your SQL Server questions to us. We'll post some of the answers here.

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